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Aaron Smith
I guess it all started the first time I made a finger painting with spaghetti sauce as a baby, from there I blossomed into the oversized adult baby you see now. As you can tell from a young age I was artistic, sketching and drawing my favorite comic characters (Spider and Wolvie) and animated tv shows (TMNT 1 is still my jam). As I grew into an angsty teen I focused my energy into creating music and album cover art. I played countless live shows and in countless bands under a wide range of musical styles. This curved my creative outlets for awhile but it never seemed enough.
My junior year in high school a representative of the Art Institute of Houston came to a career day at my schools gym. It was there that I discovered that my silly drawings and doodles could be molded into a viable career. So I cut my hair and decided to become a functional member of society. I took a job at a local screen printing shop and got my career started in the creative industry. Even to this day I am an avid t-shirt junkie and own more than any sane grown man should. After high school I attended and graduated the Art Institute with a degree in graphic and web design. From there I accepted a job at Sachnowitz & Co. as a very green and very inexperienced designer. This job set me on the path to where I am today. Still passionate and still creative even after 20 plus years in this ever changing business.
The last 8 years or so I have been an Art Director, leading teams to thrive in a steady environment that breeds excellence.I have alway had an eye for creativity and can’t see myself doing anything else. I believe that your passion shows in your work, and my passion is bringing businesses to life, creating systems and campaigns that enrich your company in the public eye.
Good art doesn’t need to be functional, just pretty. Good design doesn’t need to be pretty, just functional.